Helping out a friend

2015-10-11 01:43:30 by themightyCaolf

 Well, it's safe to say, I wil not be drawing, or atleast posting anytime soon, reasons? Well, I think I've gotton alot better at drawing, that much is true, but now comes the problem of actually posting my drawings, I don't have a scanner, nor do I have my own computer, so the actuall quality of the art is lowered more than it actually is, that being said, I don't wanna do nothing, so I'ma post the art site of an acquantence off mine and He's, to be hnest, not the best, and isn't posting as much, atleast for 3 weeks, but he's not completely terrible, and he does a lot of things well, like crosshatching, so give him a try if you'd like, and he occasionally takes commisions, so eh, EH? Well, that's all I have to say, so yeah, thanks for being with me this long, and see ya soon.


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