I did it

2015-08-19 21:15:44 by themightyCaolf

 I got paper, white out, flex nib pens, ink, all the works, and I'm gonna try to draw a picture, background, main focus, and all. I hope to god that my phone can handle it.


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2015-08-19 22:20:32

Drawing's hard enough... and afterwards you have to be a photographer? :O Light (evenly) from the side, and try to have a solid perch directly above the picture... somehow. Maybe have the drawing on the ground, and have 2 chairs back to back, this way you can lean over and shoot between them? If it works well, recommend it to others :) And good luck!

themightyCaolf responds:

Thank you, I'll try that, I hope you enjoy my illustrations.


2015-08-20 00:27:59

I believe in the you that believes in your drawing hand!

themightyCaolf responds:

...What? Also, where are all these people coming from?


2015-08-20 04:56:12

That's classified information.

(Updated ) themightyCaolf responds:

Is your profile pic what I think it is?
Edit: I just looked at your profile, you helped make the Sex Kitten series, I love that series, it was hilarious, thank you.