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2015-05-07 02:13:43 by themightyCaolf

Does one Need to know, how to program a video game, to direct one

 After bloodborne, they kinda went silent. I don't wanna darksouls 3, but whats their next game, i don't believe Miyazaki will be working on it, considering how he's th president of FROM, and just made a game.?

My throat be hurtin

2015-05-04 20:40:59 by themightyCaolf

And my sinuses be actin up, and i bet tired.

What if?

2015-04-22 05:50:19 by themightyCaolf

What if a website became 2 people, one represinting, everything good, and one represinting everything bad. The horrid creatures that tumblr would create.


Been playing Destiny.

2015-04-19 05:03:33 by themightyCaolf

You know what department Destiny is subtle in? Religious parallels, but thats besides the point. I'm working on a fanbased tabletop game thats essentially Destiny, an D&D's love child. I've never played a tabletop rpg so i'm a little more than rusty, but i would like to hear any input once i start posting the rules up. Also should i keep talking like more than one person views my channel regularly, it's just the one guy(you know who you are,) and its not like it matters if i don't.


2015-04-05 21:40:03 by themightyCaolf

I'm sure everyone can agree that a charectar, by meaning, is a group of traits, and personalities set within one being, or entity. So i must ask the masses why must your idea of a charectar be to your liking? Why must you form the world to your image without consolting the entirity of everyone to an agreement on what should be, and what shouldn't be, without giving a valid reason. To dictate what men, and Wemon should hold as morals without giving facts to support your claim, to change the way something works to suit your needs when its intent was to suit the needs of the ones who created it. To all you SJW's, religeos fanatic, and ideologs, what say you who lie and, spread misinformation, who declare the meaning of your cause as right, and true when you yourself have lost, or don't understand the reasons said cause started, who force rules with ridiculous fallacies on others, I'm not against religion, for many good things have sprouted from it, and your happiness, factual or, not is the only thing that should concern you, but it has now become a platform for ignorence of what the original message was, you feminist, who make up problems for personal gain, yet can't see how your actions have consequences, yet you still squawk about to keep your relivence because your to scared to face the many places with real opresion, you declarers of right, and wrong who are so sensitive, the very site of lines on paper, or unreal acts on something reletivly new offend you, so much so you rage WAR against it. You wish to dictate our thoughts, and actions, yet it is the charectar, the individual who dictates what he shall do and what he shall suffer consequences by. For as long as mankind thrives, we shall never be perfect, we shall never be good, for we shall always have rebellion, spite, heartache, ignorence, kindness, love, compasion, and charity. For as long as mankind thrives, and stumbles, we shall always have are godgiven humanity, are charectar.

now i'm off to draw porn, one of my man hypocrosies, and flaws.

Well, aint this a bitch.

2015-03-24 07:33:14 by themightyCaolf

So i spent about an hour working on a sketch, 30 min on pen work, then fuck it all up. Now i run out of paper, go to get more , only to come home realizing it shit quality. So still trying to think of a masct design, victorian plauge doctor, and crows, any ideas or inspirational pictures just let me know.

Ima start drawing cyos

2015-02-07 16:27:54 by themightyCaolf

once i get the picture up it should be bretty self explanatory... and lewd (fiendishly rubs hands)

well i need something to draw

2014-11-23 00:07:33 by themightyCaolf

so tell me what ever and ill draw it... probably...

Dont go to crazy


2014-10-20 14:43:45 by themightyCaolf

Im gonna start using colored pencils till i can get more pen sizes, so yaaaaaayyyyyyyy.