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2015-05-27 14:46:32 by themightyCaolf

 I might be getting som G-pen dip pens, or not, just have to see how this plays out.

I have a hentaifoundry account

2015-05-26 00:19:41 by themightyCaolf

I cant respond, or make comments for some reason, but i will be posting stories on there so check'em out :D i also can't type more than 5000 characters or somethin like that, sooooo the stories are pretty short :(

I'm back.

2015-05-23 23:29:53 by themightyCaolf

Been gone visiting my classifieds(s), anything i should know about?


2015-05-19 14:34:11 by themightyCaolf

Been listening to a lot of Ninja Sex Partt, what am i doin with my life.

Bleach my eyes!!!

2015-05-16 06:51:51 by themightyCaolf

I just looked up "victorian porn" for inspiration with Cantete (yes i'm still keeping that name), and oh my god. Anyways, the only inspiration i could get was, circle jerk, and very menacing corpse lookin men, such a wonderful era.

So far i need.

A scanner

A actual computar

Wacom tablet

And bristol strathmore paper.

So i need a shit ton, and being a prostitute isn't working.


2015-05-14 13:57:40 by themightyCaolf



2015-05-11 21:08:26 by themightyCaolf

The spiritual successor to castlevania is back in business, FUCKEN FUCK FUCKEDY FUCKEN FUCK YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS , tim to start drawing art inspired by it.

Fuck, is clothing hard,

2015-05-11 20:54:19 by themightyCaolf

I need that computar, can someone recomend a good drawing tablet? 


2015-05-08 20:12:02 by themightyCaolf

 So Corvus is now gonna be named Cantet, because some guy ironically had the same idea of a plaugue docter with the latin word for crow, even though corvus actually ment raven, and cantet ment crow, (facepalms)