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Fuck 3, the Fuckening

2015-06-12 21:28:39 by themightyCaolf

I'm finally done with my 1st chapter, go chech it out on my hentai foundry page, link under my info. 

FUCK, round 2

2015-06-12 06:36:37 by themightyCaolf

Mugfuggin internet, bein all like, "Oh, you wrote a long ass part of the first chapter, nearly finishing it? Well muthafucka, have I the suprise for you, BOOM, no save. Take that Caolf." So now, I got to rewrite all that shit, ontop of comig to copse with my own mortality, fuck today.


2015-06-11 22:08:53 by themightyCaolf

My Internet, and/or computer is being real shitty, so the story might have to wait, because fuck me.

Almost done.

2015-06-11 05:12:55 by themightyCaolf

Like 78% with my first chapter of my story, still trying to think of a better name, but I'll try to finish it tonight, or tommarow. Either way it'll be done, and I'll be getting the G-pens possibly friday, or not, who knows.

This isn't about me

2015-06-09 05:25:55 by themightyCaolf

 So there's this group called Knotgames, and there making a Game that looks pretty good, it's calle "Elana Champion of Lust." its got a patreon, heres the link: 

 So if you're a perv, i'd recomend tossing them a dollar. It's looking to be real fun, and it's hard to find good adult content in the form of game, that doesn't fill your computars with enough viruses to set it on fire. So yeah, just something I thought was kewl, and wanted to support in any way I can. So now some news that is about me, i'm still working on the first chapter of my story, "When the lust takes you." I'm not sure what direction the stories gonna be, but it's gonna be centered around the opresion of mystics so, if thats your fancy then yeah. also i'm still drawing, just kinda slow, not wanting everything I draw to be porn, but I still want to draw slightly above the quality  porn drawing than what i've been, wich leads me to gladly say that I will be purchasing G-pens, and some Bristol brand paper so will see where that goes.

So just give y'all an idea. it's very mindbreak focused, for the first part, though the main style of mindbreak is a more, stockholmesque, there is some thats just insanity. Any who, the story goes, mystics(witches, wizards, mages) were feared around the world, someone discovered a spell that could render the mystics powerless, and now they're treated as second class citizens, thats the backstory in a nutshell, there's more to it, but i'm too tired to write right now. so just be warned of, traps, rape, mindbreak, and other things, but i'll have a warning at the begining of each chapter, and there will be more tamed, heartfelt momments in the form of expanded side stories.

lots happeneing

2015-06-07 16:22:09 by themightyCaolf

i've got my laptop back, and its still slow as snail dicks, Darksouls 3, both the a-team, and b-team are worken on it, and i'm finally getting to writing a story on hentai-foundry. so yeah, thoughts, oppinions, whatever.

Oh muhGAWD

2015-06-05 00:44:04 by themightyCaolf

Been trying to draw, its been horrid, i'm all discababbled over hair, hair, and large areas of solid black with shine are my archnemisis. I'm stuck in artist limbo. I've also been trying to right stories, but it's hard since i don't have a computer. Fuck me |:. So, hows everything on ya'lls end?

Fallout 4

2015-06-03 19:22:50 by themightyCaolf

Its been anounved, does that do anything for yah?

Murakami, Teruki.

2015-06-02 00:05:20 by themightyCaolf

The only Japanese man whos name i can spell, and great instigator for my decrepit fetishes. Wherever you are, (get me some of that magic potion.