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2015-11-23 22:22:59 by themightyCaolf

So, I'ma try to write some stories while I get better at drawing, so I'll post the link to them in my News Post, so yeah.

Helping out a friend

2015-10-11 01:43:30 by themightyCaolf

 Well, it's safe to say, I wil not be drawing, or atleast posting anytime soon, reasons? Well, I think I've gotton alot better at drawing, that much is true, but now comes the problem of actually posting my drawings, I don't have a scanner, nor do I have my own computer, so the actuall quality of the art is lowered more than it actually is, that being said, I don't wanna do nothing, so I'ma post the art site of an acquantence off mine and He's, to be hnest, not the best, and isn't posting as much, atleast for 3 weeks, but he's not completely terrible, and he does a lot of things well, like crosshatching, so give him a try if you'd like, and he occasionally takes commisions, so eh, EH? Well, that's all I have to say, so yeah, thanks for being with me this long, and see ya soon.

Gawd I'm slow.

2015-09-24 10:57:18 by themightyCaolf

 Good news, I'm gonna be posting a full body picture, it is a furry, but it's an entire body...minus the ink blotches where I spilled ink, but I'm sure I can work those in. Finally something I'm proud a ertain degree.



2015-09-03 13:16:49 by themightyCaolf

 My computer broke , hur-fucken-ra!!!


2015-08-29 11:00:25 by themightyCaolf

 I've been trying to get the hang of those pens, and I've been sucking, teribly ;^;. but I swear, on the holy name of Ayami Kojima (look'em up) I'll get it right.

No real news

2015-08-20 17:54:01 by themightyCaolf Thank god for this band, I've been listening to them aaaaaallll day while I've been drawing Corvus with my new pens, my ass hurts like hell from sitting for so long, but hopefully it'll be worth it...(unless I fuck up)

I did it

2015-08-19 21:15:44 by themightyCaolf

 I got paper, white out, flex nib pens, ink, all the works, and I'm gonna try to draw a picture, background, main focus, and all. I hope to god that my phone can handle it.


2015-08-16 22:05:38 by themightyCaolf

 I'ma be headed to the Mart-wal, gettin some larger paper soon, hopefull I'll get to raw with better detail then.


2015-08-12 07:59:35 by themightyCaolf

 Fucking Skype almost brout me to tears.


2015-08-05 03:04:44 by themightyCaolf

 Just saw the gameplay trailer for Dark Souls III. I am currently contemplating what this game is gonna do to my body, when I was real hyped for a sequel I would start choking, and I would tear up, Dark Souls I atmosphere, Demon's soul, and Bloodborne asthetics, Darksouls II levels of customization. Today I fear my death, for the unlikely event I die before I experience Dark Souls III I will die sad, and for the likely event I die after the first hour of playing it from asphyxiation, well I'll be dead, remember me fondly.

  Praise the Sun, Umbasa.